Lynx Air Integrated Dive Computer
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Liquivision, Lynx Air Integrated Dive Computer
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Lynx Air Integrated Dive Computer


The Lynx air-integrated computer:
Be Omniscient!

Imagine a dive computer that can reliably track diver air supply and directional location within the unprecedented range of 100m/330 ft… without pairing challenges, or lost signals due to HID or strobe lights:

The Liquivision Lynx Air Integrated Computer allows you to monitor your own air supply, and your buddy’s air supply and directional location – within 100m/330ft.


The Liquivision Lynx is the 2013 Editor’s pick by the Sport Diver Magazine

The only dive computer that combines the exceptional readability of an OLED screen with wireless air integration and our intuitive patented menu-based tap navigation. It is all you ever wanted, all you ever needed and more:

Allows up to 3 gases (air and nitrox 21-100%)
Monitoring of air supply and location of up to 10 divers within a range of up to 330 ft / 100m
Digital compass
Dive planner and dive simulator
Dive logging
Visual indicators of air-time remaining
Find your way back to the boat*
Receive messages from the boat operator**
Bungee & stretchy strap included
Computer connectivity (PC/Mac)
Readable: Full color OLED Display
Intuitive: Tap-based menu navigation***
Secure: Monitors air supply and location of up to 10 divers
Simple: User changeable battery (disposable/rechargeable)
Compact: Wrist-fitting shape
Reliable: Ceramic pressure sensor****
Rugged: 660ft/200m depth rating
Customizable: Choice of screen layouts

* When used in conjunction with the Location Transmitter
** When used in conjunction with the Omniscient Boat Kit
*** Patented
**** Patent-pending


Be omniscient about your students:
Monitor the tank pressure of up to 10 divers within a 330ft/100m range
Know in which direction you can find them
Receive information on their approximate distance to you
Receive a warning if any student’s tank pressure gets dangerously low
Have a fully functional air integrated dive computer for your own use and deco information.


Increase your divers’ safety by marking any location under water:
Mark the location of the boat
Mark a meeting point for you and your team
Mark the entrance to a cave or a wreck

Track your divers:

Receive an emergency distress signal from your divers
Track the direction of any diver
Useable without air integration and therefore ideal for freedivers and rebreather divers


Lynx Technical Specifications

The Liquivision Lynx Omniscient Family consists of the Lynx air and nitrox color OLED dive computer, Lynx tank transmitter, Lynx location transmitter and the Lynx Omniscient Boat Kit. They can be used in combination or separately. Each wrist computer can monitor up to 10 wireless (tank or location) transmitters and it can receive text messages sent from the Lynx Omniscient Boat Kit.

Using ultrasonic technology, the Lynx computer can reliably receive a signal within 330 feet/100 meters – over 100 times the distance of existing products! It can also detect the direction of the wireless signal, and guide the diver towards it. Best of all, the ultrasonic signal is extremely reliable – it cannot be interfered with by HID lights or strobes.

The Lynx is affordable and compact enough for use by recreational divers as well as by dive shops, dive instructors and dive boats. It is not only an amazingly convenient product, it also offers a revolution in diver safety.

Lynx Computer Features

The Lynx air and nitrox computer offers similar features to our Kaon unit however, it is equipped with 3 ultrasonic transducers which allow it to receive wireless transmission from up to 10 Lynx transmitters, within a range of 330 feet/100 meters, and to triangulate the source of each signal. The Lynx then translates the wireless signal into a continuously adjusted bearing, which allows the diver to swim confidently towards the source of the signal (e.g. the wireless transmitter on another diver’s tank, or a location transmitter affixed to a landmark, such as the dive boat’s anchor line).

Readable full color OLED display
Intuitive tap-based menu navigation
Secure monitors air supply of up to 10 divers
Omniscient triangulates location of 10 transmitters
Simple user changeable battery
Compact wrist-fitting shape
Reliable ceramic pressure sensor
Rugged 660 ft / 200m rating
Customizable Choice of screen layouts


Liquivision LYNX